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Sunday, December 23, 2012

So, Why Restart Rather than Start Anew?

So, I find that I have both the need and the wish to blog again. I enjoy sharing stories and knitting, and it's a nifty way to keep up with friends and practice my creative non-fiction writing skills. It's also just plain fun. (grin)

But why restart rather than start new? Well, for one thing, I'm known as belonging to this phrase and this site, so people can find me here, even if they've been waiting for several years. That's the practical reason -- that and the fact that the site is already set up with blind friendly features, and I don't feel like re-writing CSS code again at this time. Very tedious.

The non-practical reasons are much more interesting to explore.

CONTINUITY It's both simple and complex as an idea. I not only like continuity, even with large gaps in the weaving, on some level I crave it. My mother still refers to a decade of my life as the time when I'd been "abducted by aliens," a time when I was cut off from so many people that I lost part of myself. A big part. Once I re-emerged, very carefully, in real life and on the web, I made real efforts to find list friends, with a better than 50% rating that is still improving. There are places were the lace of my life is very open -- lots of holes and little thread -- but the connectors are strong, my friends generous, and the lace has become much more dense.

While these last couple of years were a bit thinner, the cause was much simpler and far more benign: illness, increases in blindness, grief at losing an important companion, and a physical move certain to bring strength once I'd learned the layouts of most of the grocery stores and department stores in town. (grin)

My friends in Missouri will be happy to know that in some ways, I am actually LESS blind than when you last saw me, since my cataracts were removed a year ago, though the light sensitivity remains. (Yep, I had another fight with another opthamologist about that (grin)) Why is it low vision specialists get this, but some opthamologists never will? Anyway, I've a referral to a new eye doc who, I'm told, is certain to "get it." As for the "gentleman" who did my cataract surgery? Well, when I wasn't thrilled enough for him at the restoration, he made the mistake of actually saying out loud that I have too much information for my own good. (Sigh) My mother made an indistinct squeaking noise and snatched me out of the office before I did the man an injury. I wish I'd been able to read her facial expression ! (Grin)

Anyway, beyond that, I once again have better knitterly vision and fewer troubles with color matching for the present. But thanks again to everyone at True Blue who kept me from some hideous combinations! (laughing)

This Christmas had some interesting knitterly goodies that I can share only because I know my mother never reads this blog. (Grin)
I've almost finished a long adaptation of the triple cable scarf from OneSkein by Leigh Radford:

Made with lovely leftovers from my niece's semi-adult surprise jacket, it's a beautiful blue that will set off my Mom's eyes and has all the right requirements. Washer/Dryer no shaping or fuss. I find that I love the little details of this pattern: the twisted stitches on the edges, the fact that I increased the cables to five twists, and the lovely simplicity of it. Made in Deborah Norrville's "Everyday Soft Worsted" I know I'll be reaching for this yarn again when making things for those with a blocking impairment or allergy like my mom's.

Continuity. Every few years I knit a gift for my mom that, even when she chooses the yarn and the pattern, she never wears. I'm hoping for a break in THAT continuity this year.

Overall, though, even the breaks in the patterns in my life have a certain continuity to them. The same threads, the same breaks, the same steps for restarting. I like the patterns, the warmth of familiar rebuilding, the knowledge that I have done this, can do this. will undoubtedly do this again.


Karen said...

I'm glad to be able to read about what's going on with you. I miss you! Merry Christmas.

Karen said...

I'm happy that you're writing again. I'll be looking forward to reading your writing again. I miss you. Merry Christmas!