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Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Knitting Never Stopped

So, just how does one re-start a blog after three years? And why? Why not begin anew someplace else? I guess you'll have to drop in from time to time and see. But I can tell you that the knitting never stopped. Life got weirder, a tad hectic, sometimes sad, mostly hilariously unpredictable. And the STASH GREW! (grin) But for now I offer these pics of my first-ever true möbius cowl a la Cat Bordhi -- a present for ME actually, as I could not take gift knitting with me anywhere over the Thanksgiving holiday without risking running into a giftee!
Made with Dream in Color "Starry" in "Happy Forrest," the cowl required some number crunching to make sure it would be large enough since I am following Cat's basic pattern which calls for bulky, rather than fingering weight yarn. I got the yarn from Trewe Blewe Yarns and More aka  in Columbia, MO.

Loverly stuff and thank you Tamarisk for encouraging me to get it! Love the shading and the metallic threads of sparkle! Must finish in time to wear for the Christmas season -- THIS year's Christmas season, just to be clear. Have to see if I can get it done!


Chelsea said...

Yay, you have returned!

Chelsea said...

Yay, you're back!

Karen said...

Welcome back! I've missed your blog. I miss you too! You're encouraging me to get back to my abandoned blog too.