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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ostrich Plumes Complete!

So as it turns out, academic conferences are GREAT for knitting! Finished my trip to St. Louis (paper delivered, hotel enjoyed, downtown LYS not open), and I'm rarin' to go on my own academic work again. And what do you know, the day after I'm home, the shawl is complete. I like the natural waves of the edges, so I'm not adding a trim. Washing and blocking remain for tonight/tomorrow. Pics of the unblocked plumes soon.

I've started swatching a gift for my mother, but will need to be careful what I say here -- not sure if they will read this or not. I'm also making a scarf for my nephew with a castle panel on the ends -- and I'll probably do a sweater with the same. He was a knight for Halloween -- this should suit him!

Pics soon. Must go grade.