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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Got Spoons?

Thanks to the wit and linkage of the Infamous Lady Bracknell, the Lady Bracknell of "The Perorations of Lady Bracknell," mind you, I have been introduced to the "Spoon Theory" of explaining life with a chronic illness or disability. Spoons work well. So would matchsticks, or beans. But the story of the spoons, to be found on "But You Don't Look Sick?" and written by Christine Miserandino has a certain charm and applicability, since spoons are not easy to carry nor easy to forget when you ARE carrying them, and the feeling of being without them once you are used to them is a significant loss.

When I can, I'm going to have to invest in some "Got Spoons?" paraphernalia.

rectangle in white with black lettering and a question mark similar to that used by the got milk ad campaign but instead reads Got Spoons?

There are days I got spoons, and days I don't. This has been a marvelous week for collecting sources of spoons, or sources of spoon reinforcement, one might say.

In addition to some exhilarating discussion to be had on the forums at, I've also been chatting with folks at Disaboom (, yet another vigorous community for folks with disabilities and their friends and families. If you sneak a peek, you should see some new buttons over in the sidebar which reflect this week's expansion in my participation of various online communities.

Now, lest it be thought that I'm always connected to my computer (close, but not always, it would get in the way of the knitting and of sleeping), and that with such a connection I should certainly be posting FAR more often, it should be noted that my participation in the groups on Ravelry has led me to more local connections, and I'm to be found, almost weekly, at one of the local coffeehouses chatting away with fellow knitters, hookers, and spinners, not to mention the occasional weaver. We're a very accepting bunch, so local folk who just want to drop by are welcome -- Rendezvous is a marvelous coffee house -- and while a craft of your own is not necessary, we can provide you with sticks and string as "set dressing" or "props" if you are feeling left out. I'm sure more than just myself would be willing to provide instruction as well -- Ruthanne, this is targeted at you! (grin)

My search for a good, non-copyrighted picture of a spider web that I find suitable for the header for the group I want to organize on Ravelry myself has not been very productive. My attempts and drawing one myself in "Paint" have been absolutely GHASTLY! But I've had some luck with plain paper and pencil, so I may make use of the scanner and keep it simple.

I've also signed up to participate in an experimental group of feminist knitbloggers, making my own little niche by concentrating on academic and disability related contributions. More info on that as it reaches me.

Since I have finally gotten a new laptop to replace the one destroyed in "The GREAT Sodapop Debacle of November '07," I should also be able to become more regular about posting here again. Tomorrow I'll see about posting a knitting update with pictures of all the Christmas knitting. I've also started a pair of thick superwash merino socks for myself AND one of the "Tea Cozy Elf Caps" from Charmed Knits, the Harry Potter knitting book I got from my SIL for Christmas.

The dogs are sleeping, and it's now time to make banana bread and pumpkin bread for tomorrow's winter celebration for the local Ravelry knitting group. Yeah! Who knows what I'll get in the white elephant stash exchange? I've put . . . . well, I can't very well tell you, now can I? It's supposed to be a surprise!