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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Walking in Midnight Snow

It's coming down in sheets of white speckles against the blackness -- barely snow, but not sleet. Everything around it is dark, but it clings to cars and grass, disappearing on the pavement and sidewalk. Have you ever enjoyed the first snow of the year with a husky? She's like a kid at Christmas: wide awake, bright eyed, and eager to go trot around and enjoy the air, the cold, the snowflakes, and the leavings from this morning's trash pick-up. (laughing) Okay, so maybe not quite like kid, who I hope would go for the pies rather than the old turkey bones!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So, About my Tattoos

I acquired my woad tattoos over the summer, and I must admit, I’m interested in going for more. (grin) Don’t worry. Woad tattoos only last a week or so, so I’ll not be piling design upon design. But this urge to add design, even in a semi-permanent form, is new to me. It actually caught me by surprise, since I’d only planned on doing something small around my ankle. But the compulsion grew with each addition, and pretty soon I was tattooed to my right knee on the one side, and to mid-calf on the other. (grin)

My enthusiasm certainly was catching, as many people I didn’t think would try the fun joined in. By the time we were done, at least seven or eight people were flashing woad tattoos, and several had more than one. Ankles and toes were favorite spots since summer sandles were being worn.

Most people were also in the midst of dyeing various hanks of yarn, shirts, shorts or sweaters in the huge vat of blue dye, so frequently designs hat to halt mid-application and be picked up again one the more immediate problems had been attended to.

This was also an interesting experiment in terms of design. Those on the right leg were more fluid, sweeping, and certainly looked better on MY flesh. I tried a more angular look on the left and wasn’t all that thrilled. My flesh does not do angles. (sigh) ah well, I can admire angles on others.

despite my disappointment with my angular bits of staining, most of the celtic knots, dotted patterns, and swirls turned out well for me and for others. One thing to keep in mind is that we had not actually PLANNED this tattooing extravaganza, so -- all the designs were painted on with a wooden coffee stirrer! (laughing) When we decided to go primitive, we went all the way!

And I must admit, my legs haven't looked that interesting in years -- not without stockings! I left the party with painted legs, some wonderful naturally dyed Saxon Blue sock yarn, an over-dyed summer shirt, and a soft woad blue dyed lampshade cover that I'd knit a couple of years ago. It was a great party, and anyone in the area should join in the next time True Blue Fiber Friends has another Saxon Blue Party -- you never know what you'll come away with!