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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Morning Re-boot

Morning. Coffee. Dogs. A computer keyboard and time to enjoy all of them. Gonna be a good day.

This blog suffered quite an interruption. I got a THIRD dog. She ate my digital camera. I spent some time battling lung infections and asthma, survived my first Christmas in retail (my second job) broke my toe stepping on a dog toy, and had a computer hard drive crash. Hmmm. Yep. That sums up the things that have kept me from blogging.

Kala, 18-mo.-old. Husky.

I didn't realize until I found my camera in bits how much I think the pictures are an integral part of this record. Still very attached to to the visual -- perhaps more so since I'm relying on vision restored.

I've been wearing the Ostrich Plumes shawl and getting many compliments -- I love having actually made something that turned out as pretty as I wanted it to be! However, I've decided that the narrower stole-width is not working for me, so I've been creating a longggggg roll of Buttercup lace edging to attach. Not much left to go. I know I'll put it on three sides, but I haven't decided about the collar -- maybe reversed so it lays on my shoulders? We'll see.

Finished Ostrich Plumes shawl

Other knitting news? I finished the castle scarf for my nephew -- and accidentally felted it. So now it's a magic castle scarf -- he can still see the castle if he holds it up to the light.

I've started on mom's scarf from Scarf Style for the -- hmmm -- third? Fourth? Time. Add several sessions of "unknitting" in there. But I think I have it this time. It's the most complicated lace I've done so far, and I've had to learn to spot mistakes early -- more than a row or two later and it's almost impossible to find and correct at this point in my learning. I knit and unknit so much I've had to start with a fresh skein, but this seems to be going well this time! Past the worst transition in the pattern and going strong.

Hmm. That's about all I've got for a "catching up" entry. But KR has an interesting thread going on "What feeds your knitting life." I may be running my answer to that through here soon.


Kathy said...

Beautiful Husky! My third dog was also a Husky! :)

Shelob said...

She's a spaz in many ways -- but so loveable! She tapdances at the door to reward me for realizing she needs out!