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Friday, May 27, 2005

Knitting On

The knitting continues -- thank god. If it didn't, how could I pretend to justify my yarn purchases? Actually, I haven't bought anything since early April except a couple of skeins of the sock yarn I'm using to make the lace-trimmed shell from the latest issue of Not too shabby for a confirmed addict!

So, this shell is progressing well. I've finished the back and I'm working on the top of the front now. The majority of the body was knit in the round, so this is just a matter of finishing up the straps and then joining them. It's been a wonderfully satisfying project. I'll have to do another one in some of the Sonata I got from elann. This Sockatta has created a lovely mottled pattern that suits me far better than stripped socks! I've used the yarn doubled to get the gauge, but I'd like to try the next one I do in single strand for a lighter fabric. This will still wear well, even in muggy Missouri, but a variety of fabrics would make it more interesting. Hmmm. Perhaps the single strand would work well for the ribby-shell from chick-knits. I tried the Sonata for that, but felt the fabric became WAY too heavy. I wish I could afford to buy up a bunch of the Paton's Grace. I really prefer the finer gauge yarn. But -- not at five to six bucks a skein right now. [sigh] Ah well. I've a lifetime to knit and should have more money over the course of the next year. Until then, I've enough yarn for several cotton tops this season, and lord knows I'll have enough of a challenge getting them done in time to wear, so I'd best get a winter sweater on the needles if I want one to wear this fall! That lavender alpaca from elann is calling to me!

I've gotten a shrug pattern I like from that last issue of knitty as well. But I'm not sure what I'll make it with. I may try to make it from some of the baby cashmere from elann, but I'm not sure the yarn is thick enough - it might end up being too stringy rather than lacy if I stretch it out by using needles large enough to get the gauge and have the thing actually fit. Hmmm. Lots of pretty things to contemplate. I'm really missing my digital camera again. But I'll see if I can run by K's and get pictures of things soon.

I completely frogged the Shoalwater shawl. It was just too dense on number 9 needles. I may need to purchase 11's, but I'll try the 10's first.

I took a bit of a break today -- only worked on job ads I had. But tomorrow I'll go looking for more. Employment must happen. Maybe I'll be REALLY lucky and end up with dental coverage! I can hope.

Hmmm. Is there any way to get health insurance to cover yarn purchases? Naw. But it will be good to have a regular job again for a bit. I love teaching, but the struggle to read all those papers has been hard on my attitude as well as my eyes. So an appropriate job for my skills and eyes and less to take home at night will be welcome!

1 comment:

KnitNana said...

Ah yes, a job to leave behind you when you walk in the door to your knitting!! I love that kind...I wish one for you! If you can find a way to post photos, I'd love to see the sock yarn!!!