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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meet My Daemon

I think it was the music I couldn't resist. I've seen these entries on other blogs and been tickled with them.

Help Refine My Daemon!
Click on the link above to help me refine my daemon or take a test to find your own.

Update: It seems you cannot comment on my daemon; it had reached its final form from the get-go. I must have been very consistant or decisive in my answers -- that or the program was only set to allow so many daemons to morph! [grin]

1 comment:

KnitNana said...

Love you Daemon! And love the new blog formatting...hmmm...maybe we will talk soon? I have got to update my own space, and have been afraid to lose ANYTHING! lol

The warning "you may lose comments" terrifies me...I don't want that!