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Thursday, October 14, 2004


Greetings All,

This is, of course, my first entry. Pictures will follow soon. This will be a composite blog, as the description suggest. I've many aspects of my life that are carefully compartmentalized. This one will be unified. I hope. Where to start?My niece, Kendall Delane, was born Monday, and life is very bubbly and chaotic right now. I wish I wasn't three states away! Her older brother, Devlin Drake is 4 and has decided to enjoy brotherhood. He's even started making up songs for her.

Dogs and cats are healthy. Dalmatian is snoozing on his cushion nearby.

I believe my teaching is going well. But once again, I wish I was faster at getting papers graded. Using an internet exchange system certainly helps in this process!

Knitting. WIP include an almost completed shell in a variegated green, a Highland Triangle shawl in earthy browns with a hint of green, a large scarf/shawl in lavender done in an Ostrich Plume pattern, and a lilies of the valley shawl in mint green mohair in the swatching stage. Oh -- and the queen-sized blanket of "Homespun" in Tudor that I've been playing with off and on for two years!

FO of late include a yellow cotton baby blanket for Kendall done in a "seaweed" stitch with a "waves" lace edging. I've also completed a grey wool lace prairie shawl which grew to cloak size for my SIL. DB is feeling left out, though he got a large scarf two years ago. I'll need to come up with something for his birthday.

Hmm. Not an exciting beginning, but I'll work on that soon.

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