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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Lusting after lace

I REALLY want to be able to make this lace jacket. This color is good, though another would also be pretty -- an interesting shade of rust or blue?

Time and skill. I've got to acquire both first. I'm learning to shape arm holes and I've gotten the hang of knitting lace. But from what I can tell, this is literally made from fingering weight wool rather than worsted or DK. 'Twill take a LONG time. $9.50 for the pattern. Maybe I'll see a yarn I have to have it in on sale -- I can dream anyway!

I'll need to own the pattern so I;ll know how much -- must be scads. WhiteLies Designs is a great site. Wonderful patterns!

My Ostrich Plume wrap is comming along nicely. I have to keep reminding myself that it will block out and show off the design more clearly when I'm done. The Aran weight wool/cashmere/silk blend stranded with the mohair is just the right variations in purple that I wanted -- got very lucky! The fabric is dense too at this point. We'll see how it washes up!

It's late -- again. It's been an odd but restful day. More about teaching and students tomorrow. Teaching this composition course using gothic novels is fun though!

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