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Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's Fun to Frog!

Coffee, pets, computer. Okay. The day is beginning correctly. Only real problem -- I STILL haven't gotten a picture of my niece -- but who can blame them! I would much rather play with her than argue with e-mail over sending pictures!

Good news -- I get to be a tester for a baby-hat design I admire and want to try for her. Yeah! The pattern arrived in my box late yesterday, so I'll read through it today and get back to the author. MUCH more fun than doing one from a book. I'm excited!

Other news -- I frogged it. YES, I'm talking about he Ostrich Plumes shawl. Lovely as it was becoming, I was using needles too small. A friend pointed out the depth of the eggcrating and echoed my concerns about proper blocking. So. After some thought -- I frogged it.

The nice thing about the frogging was that I did it in company, and once started, a friend joined in and giggled a real giggle for the first time in awhile. (Come on -- admit it -- it CAN be like popping those packing bubbles in it's own way. NOTHING beats packing bubbles -- except more and bigger packing bubbles-- but frogging can be entertaining when you're not too distressed about it!)

So, I've started again on size 8's. Not addi's, I'm still building my collection. But it's progressing. About three inches as of last night. I'll knit a bit this morning before grading papers. The fabric is softer now that I've loosened the stitches and --well -- more spongy. But I still love the color and the depth created by using two different, but similar strands of yarn. I wonder what's the effect of using 3? Does it get too bulky? Can you still see pattern stitches? Might be an interesting experiment.

I've also started a list of possible "quick" projects for Christmas. I saw the puppy and kitten scarves in -- I think it's Women's Day's first "Quick and Easy Crocheting and Knitting" mag. Toooo cute by half. One for each? Stockings? I'd love to get a top-down sweater done for Dev by Christmas, but doubt my ability to take please in the math between now and then. Brain's too full of other work.

I've also been contemplating contemplation. Funny, huh? More on that later. Gotta get going.

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