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Monday, October 18, 2004

My lord what a mornin'

Good Grief!

Woke after a major storm last night with a major headache/earache. The storm killed my modem so I couldn't get what I needed to grade. I didn't have my gadget, so I didn't know what time my appointments started -- I missed the first one!

On the other side of things, I got a good four inches of the Ostrich plumes shawl done yesterday. I really like the way this is turning out. I was afraid it was too narrow, but have decided that with blocking, it will be perfect! Happy Christy!

I also won my very first eBay bid! a two pound cone of alpaca -- purple-blue, in lace weight -- so maybe I can use it for that jacket? It's well over 2000 yards. Hmmmm. So now I get to see how great this e-bay stuff is. The seller had a rating of 99.6% happy customers. SO I thought is was worth the rest -- and I'll be using paypal. Security there. Hmmmm. I'm still leery, but it's only 40 bucks for the yarn, so maybe this will be okay. I HOPE so!

I'd LOVE to do that jacket in this purple. Only way to find out is to try! Gotta quit buying yarn though! Must get Rx forms sent in to get insurance money back! THEN I can pay off misc. and sundry and buy more knitting stuff. I'm still looking for a bag that I'd like. We'll see how it goes. Well. Time to turn this laptop in to the school. Gotta get home. Can't believe I'll be without internet access! I've become a real junky! We'll see how it goes!

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