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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ostrich Plumes in Progress

As you can see, the Ostrich Plumes are progressing! Actually, un-blocked, they remind me of the eye in a peacock feather more than anything else.

Ostrich Plumes in Progress

I'm trying to decide what to work on tonight, in-betwixt grading and posting student papers. This certainly, but I might cast that Highland Triangle shawl back on again -- my counter kept rolling and messing me up. I got frustrated; it got frogged!

That would be a good one. Hmmm. I'm not ready to dive into the Lillies of the Valley mohair shawl; too tuckered and frazzled for that much thought.

Good news? Ah yes, a new pair of Addi's and a copy of Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top arrived today. I read the first chapter, but my head's too tired for the math at the moment. I'll start out with a sweater for Dev and go from there. Smaller and less math -- less investment if I have to from. Need to figure out the yarn though. I've got to quit buying until I can save up the cash.

Well, the stash has some interesting items. Hmmmmm.

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